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Advertising User Curated “Owned Economy”

Advertising as we know it is broken.  Decreasing ROI, reducing pool of users, reducing CTR, increasing costs! Ad Fraud swept under the carpet! … And users do not want it!



Achieve Cut-through

Putting the user back in control we take away Ad Blindness, Ad Fatigue and serve the users Ads they are interested in and motivated to watch

Incentivised Conversions

When rewarding users for purchases, users keep their interest lists up-to-date and relevant, ensuring more chances to buy what they are interested in or looking for

Engineered Virality

Rewarding users for sharing incentivises virality, increases reach and reduces cost per view, cost per click and cost per acquisition


User Curated

91% of adults agree or strongly agree that users have lost control of how personal info is collected and used by companies. We flip the switch and give them back control

User monetisation

Through Earneco users are able to monetise their own attention! The “owned economy” 


Always Relevant

Users update their interests regularly to their benefit, this means your campaigns are – always up to date, always relevant and you always reach your target audience

Brand Equity & Loyalty

Instead of paying a network or platform you are paying customers. You are contributing to their abundance and stimulating a strong, healthy and positive relationship

Say No to Ad-blocking

Every user you interact with is a willing recipient of your advert

Increase you ROI

You no longer have to put up with decreasing ROI. User’s will come to you in a Win/Win relationship

“Earneco is the Airbnb of advertising”

Guaranteed Completed Ad Views

You pay per completed view.  Have a user’s full attention and are only shown when they want to watch your advert

Increased CTR

A user will only see your advert if they selected your product type as of interest.  Users watch your advert at a time and place that suits them.

This leads to a dramatic increase in Click Through Rate (CTR) from industry standards of 0.22% to an average of 25% (video view to landing page).

Positive Brand / User Relationship

Users are in full control, they can select/de-select, watch when and what they want.  They are paid for their attention which builds positive engagement between brand and customers.  With Earneco, you have a unique opportunity to build a strong, positive and long-lasting relationship

Get the most out of your budget and get closer to your customers. Don’t miss out!


"As an agency working closely with Brands in the health and beauty sector, we see a real need for closer brand relationship with consumers, and the desire for higher ROAS. Earneco is changing the status quo, delivering a unique relationship between consumers and brands, which is perfect timing for the recession and shifting trends."

Chris Bullick, Managing Director at The Pull Agency

“I’ve been using Earneco since it launched as I really love make-up and skincare! It’s been great to find out about the different products; it’s surprising how little I know and at the same time, I’ve been earning enough money for a few coffees or a beauty product each month! It’s so helpful given the cost-of-living increases and it’s by far the easiest side-hustle if you’re interested in beauty!”

Chloe McDonald, Early Adopter, Accounts Assistant, NHS

“In these increasingly difficult financial times where every penny counts it is incredible that Earneco have created a platform so exciting, I truly believe this has the potential to change the advertising world forever. The reason for this is I am provided with advertising that is relevant to me and my purchase interests and therefore this is a great inspiration to me for both my personal needs and gift ideas. On top of all that it’s really easy to use and I am actually being financially rewarded for the time and attention I pay, so feels like a real win / win”

Justyn Waby, Project Manager

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