Monetising your attention is simple and straightforward. So we’ve created an infographic to take you through the short 5 steps to earning from your attention.

  1. Sign up to Earneco – You can sign up via a waiting list, influencer link or shared link from a friend who is already using Earneco
  2. Select your interests. Simply select 5 or more interests and your Ad watchlist will be generated for you. You can add or remove interests at any time from the interest’s flame
  3. Watch & Earn – Every Advert is under 30 seconds long. You watch and then answer 1 short quiz question about the ad. To keep watching and earning you have to regularly take an action to either visit the product page or share an ad
  4. Share Link – You can share in 2 ways – after watching an Ad you simply copy your link from the pop-up and share, or copy and share your referral link from the main menu
  5. Redeem Payment – You can choose to redeem your points as either Amazon vouchers. Points are always rolled over so you will never lose out!

Brands already pay for advertising, with Earneco you can earn from watching adverts that you are interested in

Don’t take our work for it.  Try it out today visit:

  • Each advert is under 30 seconds long
  • 1 quiz question per advert
  • Share to earn more points
  • Not interested in the advert – mark it as not interested
  • Already bought the product? Then write a review and earn more points
  • Click through to the product page, share the ad or buy the product to keep watching ads
  • Change your interests as they change