What’s Earneco from a Brand’s Perspective?

What’s Earneco from a Brand’s Perspective?

What is it and why should you be interested?

Earneco is moving with the times, having seen the shift in consumer behaviours and expectations.  Fewer and fewer people respond to traditional advertising. Consumer attention is increasingly difficult to grab. Advertising needs to rethink, repackage,
reassert its dominance by shifting power into the hands of the consumer.

Earneco gives consumers a reason to pay attention, providing the platform to monetise everyday behaviours. As a C2B web app, it returns power to the people, rewarding and delivering greater value to all parties. It could drive the biggest reset in advertising to date.

Brands can now choose to build positive relationships with an audience who has self-selected to receive their product adverts, and who are being rewarded for doing so.

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    How to Earn with Earneco

    How to Earn with Earneco

    Monetising your attention is simple and straightforward. So we’ve created an infographic to take you through the short 5 steps to earning from your attention.

    1. Sign up to Earneco – You can sign up via a waiting list, influencer link or shared link from a friend who is already using Earneco
    2. Select your interests. Simply select 5 or more interests and your Ad watchlist will be generated for you. You can add or remove interests at any time from the interest’s flame
    3. Watch & Earn – Every Advert is under 30 seconds long. You watch and then answer 1 short quiz question about the ad. To keep watching and earning you have to regularly take an action to either visit the product page or share an ad
    4. Share Link – You can share in 2 ways – after watching an Ad you simply copy your link from the pop-up and share, or copy and share your referral link from the main menu
    5. Redeem Payment – You can choose to redeem your points as either Amazon vouchers. Points are always rolled over so you will never lose out!

    Brands already pay for advertising, with Earneco you can earn from watching adverts that you are interested in

    Don’t take our work for it.  Try it out today visit: app.earneco.com

    • Each advert is under 30 seconds long
    • 1 quiz question per advert
    • Share to earn more points
    • Not interested in the advert – mark it as not interested
    • Already bought the product? Then write a review and earn more points
    • Click through to the product page, share the ad or buy the product to keep watching ads
    • Change your interests as they change






    Advertising Guidelines

    Advertising Guidelines

    Advertising Guidelines

    All of the ads on Earneco are delivered OTT (over the top) on their own unique link, therefore are run independently so there is no risk of ads appearing next to unwanted content.

    Video ads are 100% in view and brands are only charged for a completed view once our users have watched the video AND answered the relevant questions at the end of the video (our users are only rewarded with points at this point too).

    Earneco Advertising Guidelines

    Prohibited Products or Services
    Please note that the list may vary from time to time in accordance with local laws. Ads promoting the following products or services are prohibited:

    Cigarettes and Tobacco products – Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, e-cigarettes, and other related products and services.

     products and services – Ads that depict or encourage the use of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, recreational drugs, prescription drugs, drugs, or weight loss/management supplements (including fat burning pills, appetite suppressants, weight loss/detox teas or lollipops)

     – Use of dangerous weapons, including guns, explosives, knives, swords and other objects that are designed to cause harm to individuals.

    Police and military

    – Including online gambling, casinos, sports betting, promoting fantasy, bingo, lotteries, or other gambling related content.

    Sexual products
     and services – Adult entertainment and paraphernalia including pornography, sex toys, lubricants, and fetish costumes.

    Political ads 
    – Ads must not reference, promote, or oppose a candidate for public office, current or former political leader, political party, or political organisation. They must not contain content that advocates a stance (for or against) on a local, state, or federal issue of public importance in order to influence a political outcome.

    Counterfeit goods.

    Products and services that enable dishonest behaviour – Products that may infringe upon individual privacy, products that may steal other people’s personal information, products that may infringe upon a third party’s properties, products that may steal other people’s properties, or products or services assisting with falsification.

    Age restricted ads 
    – products or services that are specifically intended for or appeal to children including toys, games, apps, and clothing. Advertisements marketed specifically toward children, even if the product may be for a general audience, are also prohibited.

    Animals– Buying or selling animals, live animals, livestock, and pets. Animal body parts/products from Rhino, Orangutan, Elephant, endangered or threatened animals including but not limited to organs, horns, ivory, bone, skin, fur, wool, leather, or teeth.
    Products for animals (toys, clothes, collars, cages, food, etc).
    Pet services such as dog walking, pet care, pet cafes, pet grooming, training, etc.
    Advertising content related to the adoption of animals is permitted for NGOs, NPOs, and stray animal shelters (no adoption services to be promoted for high breed pets or any invitation to join into mix-breeding of pets).
    Other prohibited products or services – International brides, hazardous chemical products, trading of human organs and transplants, abortion, services of prenatal sex determination, HIV testing kits, protected wildlife and wild flora, funeral services.

    Restricted Products or Services
    The following list includes products or services that Earneco may allow at its discretion if the qualification and content complies with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. Please note that this list may vary. The advertiser is responsible for the content of its advertisements and the products or services advertised. Possession of a licence does not automatically mean that the promoted service/product will immediately be accepted, and all ads will still be subject to our ad review process. To understand policies for the ad review process, please refer to our general info page.

    Financial Services – Ads must comply with applicable laws, regulations, licensing obligations, and industry requirements. For all ads within this category, we may ask for disclosures and evidence from appropriate regulators and/or third-party accreditations or certifications. Ads may only target people aged 18+ and must include proper disclaimers.

    Food and Drinks – Ads promoting foods or drinks which are classed as high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS), as identified using nutrient profiling, may be subject to restrictions. Ads may only target people aged 18+ and must include proper disclaimers.

    Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Medicines – Ads for pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and medicines must target people aged 18+ and comply with local laws of the target country. Ads promoting over-the-counter drugs must be approved by the regional regulating authority and may not contain misleading or inaccurate claims. We do allow advertisements for brick and mortar pharmacies and online pharmacies that are certified by a third-party licensing organisation such as the GPhC or regional equivalent. Proof of licensing may be necessary for approval.

    Weapons – Use of dangerous weapons, including guns, explosives, knives, swords and other objects that are designed to cause harm to individuals.

    Ads for condoms must not focus on sexual pleasure or be overtly sexual in nature. Ads for condoms should not include a call to action e.g. “you should have sex now”.

    Dating Applications or Services – Ads that promote dating applications or services must target people aged 18+. Such ads must not be overtly sexual or reference transactional companionship or cheating. Dating ads should not be sexually suggestive in nature (e.g. focusing on bodies, sexual language or innuendo, etc.)

    Media and Entertainment – Ads that promote films, TV shows, or games must not contain profanity and crude language, sexually suggestive language or images, graphic violence, or drug use, and must be targeted at the appropriate age group.

    Earned and Owned Economy

    Earned and Owned Economy

    Earned & Owned Economy

    Adtech is standing on the precipice of a brave new world. This is the biggest change in advertising since the earliest agencies dipped their quills in 1786. For centuries, we rolled with the changes, but underpinning it has always been the assumption the advertiser has been in charge. We've told the consumers what they want to see, read, lust after, buy.

    But the tide is turning. Adtech is broken. Fewer and fewer people respond to traditional advertising. Consumer attention is increasingly difficult to grab. Advertising needs to rethink, repackage, reassert its dominance by shifting power into the hands of the consumer.

    The Earneco platform celebrates users' control, enabling them to monetise their attention, details, presence, just as the advertising industry has done for centuries.

    Download Whitepaper here:

      Power to the Consumer

      Power to the Consumer

      As a consumer, you’re not silly and you’re certainly not uninformed. You know what you want, what you like, and how to get it. You know who has the best product or service for your needs and you say “yes” to those things that are in your interest. As a consumer, you have the power of choice, and the freedom to choose. But to unlock the power within this freedom, we must break away from the old platforms, old schools of thought and take back our power. We need to claim and protect our attention; it is our most valuable asset! In this new era, we’ll see consumers all around the world switching on to the power of their attention — they’ll begin participating in a new approach that we call the Earned Economy. The Earned economy empowers consumers to monetise their attention by rewarding actions with fair value, when we participate in ways that are of value to brands (and or our peers).

      The Earned economy is based on a simple idea: Earn from your attention and control your greatest asset.