How to Earn with Earneco

How to Earn with Earneco

Monetising your attention is simple and straightforward. So we’ve created an infographic to take you through the short 5 steps to earning from your attention.

  1. Sign up to Earneco – You can sign up via a waiting list, influencer link or shared link from a friend who is already using Earneco
  2. Select your interests. Simply select 5 or more interests and your Ad watchlist will be generated for you. You can add or remove interests at any time from the interest’s flame
  3. Watch & Earn – Every Advert is under 30 seconds long. You watch and then answer 1 short quiz question about the ad. To keep watching and earning you have to regularly take an action to either visit the product page or share an ad
  4. Share Link – You can share in 2 ways – after watching an Ad you simply copy your link from the pop-up and share, or copy and share your referral link from the main menu
  5. Redeem Payment – You can choose to redeem your points as either Amazon vouchers. Points are always rolled over so you will never lose out!

Brands already pay for advertising, with Earneco you can earn from watching adverts that you are interested in

Don’t take our work for it.  Try it out today visit:

  • Each advert is under 30 seconds long
  • 1 quiz question per advert
  • Share to earn more points
  • Not interested in the advert – mark it as not interested
  • Already bought the product? Then write a review and earn more points
  • Click through to the product page, share the ad or buy the product to keep watching ads
  • Change your interests as they change






Power to the Consumer

Power to the Consumer

As a consumer, you’re not silly and you’re certainly not uninformed. You know what you want, what you like, and how to get it. You know who has the best product or service for your needs and you say “yes” to those things that are in your interest. As a consumer, you have the power of choice, and the freedom to choose. But to unlock the power within this freedom, we must break away from the old platforms, old schools of thought and take back our power. We need to claim and protect our attention; it is our most valuable asset! In this new era, we’ll see consumers all around the world switching on to the power of their attention — they’ll begin participating in a new approach that we call the Earned Economy. The Earned economy empowers consumers to monetise their attention by rewarding actions with fair value, when we participate in ways that are of value to brands (and or our peers).

The Earned economy is based on a simple idea: Earn from your attention and control your greatest asset.

The Earned Economy

The Earned Economy

Advertising Industry

Consumers all around the world will switch on to the power of their attention. The Earned economy empowers consumers to monetise their attention. This is a new model for advertising that uses a highly targeted, authentic, and engaging approach to get more people to pay attention not just for a few seconds, but for as long as the viewer is engaged and benefits. It’s a way for brands to create positive interactions with their potential customers, taking their product or services from awareness through to sale in a uniquely win-win relationship.

In the past decade, we have witnessed a shift in consumer behaviour, accelerated by Web 3.0, decentralisation and DeFi. Consumers are waking up to their freedom of choice and their innate consumer power. Today, consumers are looking for brands that can help them make sense of the information overload they face on a daily basis. The solution to this problem lies in creating a new kind of engagement that allows consumers to be in control of their attention and be fairly compensated, instead of being bombarded with traditional marketing communications.

In 2022, consumers will be more willing than ever to trade their attention for value in the form of money, rewards, or free products. Consumers around the world will switch on to the power of their attention, which is shifting from one-way communication from brands, to a two-way engagement with “compensation payments”.

The Earned Economy empowers consumers to monetise their attention. A powerful tool that brands can use as an alternative to traditional marketing communications such as advertising; direct mail; and email marketing – all of which are being ignored by overstuffed mailboxes, ad blindness, and email overload respectively. While these channels have lost their effectiveness, earned media will develop as the consumer takes back control.

Attention is the most valuable currency in the world. But consumers and the industry alike have been slow to recognise where the power really sits, largely because it still operates on an unearned revenue model. In a world where advertisers pay for access to eyeballs, the power of attention has been left in the hands of media companies rather than individual content consumers.

Now, advances in technology, new thinking stimulated by Web 3.0 has opened the door to a new kind of revenue model based on the “Earned Economy”. This new model will empower consumers and ensure that value exchange is at the heart of every business transaction involving consumers’ attention.